• Wow, Black Friday

    Wow, Black Friday

    4th, Nov, 2021 Black Friday is around the corner, are you ready for hot sales and surprise ?   Due to Covid-19 situation and quarantine, many people cannot go outside for resourcing, then, Online communication is very crucial and fast for people that cannot meet each other face to face. As the in...
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  • Trends from Milan Fashion Week

    Trends from Milan Fashion Week 2021.10.14 Since the Milan Fashion Week in September 2021 came to the end, Now let’s summarize the 9 most interesting trends in this week’s fashion show. 2000s The fashion of the millennium and all its contradictions are the inspiration behind the Dolce & Gabba...
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  • Dual control energy consumption

    As we all known that coal is a crucial energy for electric power, but since price of coal have raising greatly, it strongly impacts the electric power production. To make a balance between carbon emission, environment protection and production capacity, perhaps you have noticed that the recent “d...
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  • Prediction of fabric tones 2021/2022

    Prediction of fabric tones 2021/2022

    Color is especially important element for wear. Popular colors are differ from each year and each season. Skilled color collocation will present more fashion sense. Pantone have issued some popular colors during 2021/2022 autumn/winter fashion show. Here we picked up 7 colors for examples. Let’s ...
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  • About Shipment

    Nothing can escape the influence of Covid-19, including shipment, especially for import & export shipment. According to latest news Aug 10, there’s one case found on Ningbo Zhoushan Port, who is working here. Then all Into the suitcase service have to be stopped. Meanwhile, relevant sites hav...
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  • Menswear! Street style!

    It’s too early to tell what trends the spring 2022 menswear collections—and street style—will deliver, but it’s not a stretch to imagine it might pick up where it left off in pre-pandemic times. The spring 2020 menswear shows circa June 2019 saw urban sidewalks crawling with inspiration, from exp...
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    After at less 3 rounds Nucleic acid amplification testing, the result showed that there’s no COVID-19 case in Dongguan city, Guandong. Meanwhile people mostly had the vaccine. Things are back normal, so no worried on your custom designed garment manufacturing process. And we are good at making Me...
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  • Order schedule

    Order schedule

    The Lunar New Year holiday of 2022 comes early this time, starts from about 26th, Jan, 2022 till 10th, Feb, 2022. This holiday is very important for Chinese people, because that’s a traditional holiday for families getting together, which is the same as Christmas holiday in western countries. Man...
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