About Shipment

Nothing can escape the influence of Covid-19, including shipment, especially for import & export shipment.

According to latest news Aug 10, there’s one case found on Ningbo Zhoushan Port, who is working here. Then all Into the suitcase service have to be stopped. Meanwhile, relevant sites have suspended operations and carried out environmental disinfection, also related people do nucleic acid testing for screening.

Ningbo Zhoushan Port with cargo throughput remains the world’s first for the 12th consecutive year, container throughput continues to rank third in the world, and global container ports rank higher than Shenzhen Port. This case will definitely have a serious impact on the originally fragile container shipping market! There are some vessel in transit might be delay to arrive. Please keep an eye on relevant recently sea shipments.
Since vessels and flights getting very limited, shipping is getting tough, shipping freight raising up.
So please consult the shipping freight again when goods ready to avoid expectation on it.

However, that doesn’t mean to sea shipment going to stop. Here are some tips for packaging and shipping:
1.Boxes measurement max line cannot over 70CM,
2.Each box gross weight cannot over 22KG, be calculated as 10KG if box gross weight under 10KG. It will cause additional cost if over 70CM, 22KG. Please pay attention on carton packaging.
3.Please use fast option if possible, because it would be more stable and faster. To avoid the possibility of missing.
So please consult shipping freight when goods ready. It will be more accurate.

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Post time: Aug-10-2021