Fabric source not just at fabric market

When talking about “fabric sourcing”, where do you think?

fabric market is the top option. But I would like to show your another option: fabric/texitle exhibition


These days June 5-7, our team will extend here for sourcing something interesting, and share with you there.

1. fabric with various types, woven & knit, soft printed cotton fabric, green enviroment friendly fabric, ect.

exhibition sz


2.Accessories, including caps, belt, handbag, labels, ect

Caps can be very shiny with rhinestones. and silicon 3D logo looks very amazing.



Tiny buttons, tapes are very charming also.



Last but not least, those staff and people are warm and friendly to present and introduce their products. It’s happy to talk with them.

Look, it’s very interesting. So if you have something need to check, please feel free to reach out, and we will source for you.

and that’s why we can keep trends and help with our customers on designs, and custom made as perfectly.

Let’s work together to make more interseting fashion styles and build your designs.


Post time: Jun-06-2024