After at less 3 rounds Nucleic acid amplification testing, the result showed that there’s no COVID-19 case in Dongguan city, Guandong. Meanwhile people mostly had the vaccine. Things are back normal, so no worried on your custom designed garment manufacturing process.
And we are good at making Men’s fashion wear shorts, pants, hoodie & sweatshirts, t-shirts, trucker hats, snapback caps, Women’s activewear yoga wear bras legging and shorts.

Since covid-19 cause a big hit for all people around the world, economic growing slowly and inactive, that also with bad influence for ordering. But no worried, we with low MOQ for ordering at 100pcs per style. Trying to efficient production and prompt shipment for you still our company’s goal. Workers working at a clean, airy atmosphere, keep taking body temperature, wearing mask, washing hands frequently, and do cleaning, disinfection every day.
Meanwhile, we still need to pay attention to personal sanitation, frequently on washing hands, keeping rooms ventilated, keeping exercise. Strengthen immunity and a healthy body can help us stay away from disease.

Also, every one needs to pay attention and take effort on epidemic prevention work,there are something we can do:
-not go outside or traveling to avoid spreading possibility as you can as possible.
-Pay attention to personal hygiene, keep rooms clean and airy
-Wear mask when outside
-Keep some distance when line up, talking
-If feel sick, caught a cold, have a fever, don’t panic, go to hospital for examine.
If have suspected symptoms, please be honesty to report and quarantine to avoid spread widely.
And that would be good to the people around you.

Health is the priority. Every day, everywhere,every one pay attention to do protection work to stop the spread of the disease.
Cheer up~ Things be getting better soon.

Post time: May-26-2021