Order schedule

The Lunar New Year holiday of 2022 comes early this time, starts from about 26th, Jan, 2022 till 10th, Feb, 2022.
This holiday is very important for Chinese people, because that’s a traditional holiday for families getting together, which is the same as Christmas holiday in western countries. Many activities Sticking couplet, making dumpling, visiting relatives, lighting fireworks, ect be done during this holiday. People are very cherish the time that families staying together, since many people go outside for working, not stay at home often, expect for this Spring Holiday.

The cut off day to place order is not later than 16th, December, 2021 for the orders that need to ship out before CNY holiday. since production takes about 35-40 working days. But depends on designs.
If not hurry on shipping before CNY holiday, then can order before holiday, so that to prepare material & accessories, and cutting fabric, then can priority arrange as soon as we back work from holiday, to catch up Spring collection.

After we back to work, March also a busy month, since there are some orders placed before CNY, meanwhile, new styles series collection on sampling during this period. This busy period usually lasting till the end of May. So the earlier to confirmed order, the sooner to be arranged.

You may curious about the process of clothing manufacturer. Let me show you.
Fabric order and examine–cutting fabric–embroidery/printing (QC1)–sewing(QC2)–ironing, cleaning extra threads (QC3)–packing–make shipping docs–shipment–tracking goods–after sales…
We can see from process that easy clothing pieces requires fully process, we sincerely and strictly on making things perfect.

We are able to do custom order, including Men’s street style fashion wear shorts, pants, hoodie & sweatshirts, and t-shirts.
Women’s activewear yoga wear bras legging and shorts, ect.
Thus, please discuss details when place order.
Hope this helps on your ordering schedule. Please feel free to contact if you have any question.
And we will try our best to cooperate for shipment in time. Looking forward to building long-term win-win relationship with you;)


Post time: May-25-2021